Monday, May 16, 2011

Jumble and Twirl

It's just another day, a typical morning involving cinnamon toast and yoga and a call from my manager cutting my shift in half.  The usual.  Now I don't know what to do with myself until 5pm.  Maybe I'll read a book.  Last night I started reading "Imaginary Jesus" by Matt Mikalatos and if you're familiar with modern Christianity you'll probably find it hilarious.  It's sort of like a metaphorical parody of the spiritual hurdles Christians sometimes go through.  It's fictional, but so far there's a lot of truth in it.  (I still have 150 pages to go.)

Shirt: Loft // Sweater: Loft // Skirt: Target, $17
Necklace and Belt: hand-me-downs from mom
Shoes: Sahara via Rack Room Shoes, $15

Sunday, May 15, 2011

For The Love Of White

My love of the all-white looks I've been seeing this month has sent me on a quest to find a pair of white jeans that are flattering.  White can be a very unforgiving color, and the fabric is too thin on most of the 20 or so pairs that I've tried on, so the search goes on, but I did find these jean shorts that I'm very happy with.  Below is my inspiration for this look.  I love Beth and her amazing thrifty style.  She's one of those bloggers that I find myself being influenced by every day. 

I've been having a lot of neck pain and headaches lately which leaves me less than enthusiastic about blogging much of the time.  It's probably from sleeping on my stomach and grinding my teeth at night, and I have plans to see a doctor and get a mouth guard so don't worry.  I've also been doing more yoga, and that's helped a lot with the neck pain, so hopefully I'll be in the mood to post more this week.  Thanks for all your lovely comments, ladies! You keep me motivated!

Undershirt: Loft // Shirt: Forever 21, $17 // Blazer: Thrifted, $3
Shorts: Loft // Shoes: Buffalo Exchange, $20 // Necklace: Target, $16
Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory, $4 for 3 pairs

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red Dandy

Today I realized that everything I'm wearing, except my shoes, is at least two years old, and I have to admit that I felt a little dated.  These pants are sort of an awkward length.  They're like a wideleg pant cropped halfway up the calf so I rolled them and I like them much better this way.  A couple years ago I had an obsession with baby doll tops because I thought they were flattering and I liked to wear them with stretch belts.  I've gotten over that phase, but my wardrobe hasn't.  In spite of all this I still kind of like this outfit.  It's comfortable and I feel like my shoes and necklace, and the bright red color of my shirt, keep it from looking too conservative. 

Shirt: Urban Outfitters, gift // Shorts: JCPenney, $12
Necklace: Anthropologie: $12 // Belt: off of thrifted dress, $5
Shoes: Simply Vera by Vera Wang via Kohl's, $24

Weekly Favorites: Boyfriend Shirts


If I had a boyfriend, I just might raid his closet to find the treasured "boyfriend" shirt.  I love how an oversized oxford shirt can look effortless yet pulled together.  It's versatile enough to be paired with just about anything, but I especially enjoy how crisp it looks with a tailored short or trouser.  You can keep the accessories simple, or try a vibrant shoe or statement necklace.  It's hard to go wrong when starting with the beautiful blank canvas of a "boyfriend" shirt.

As usual, I found all these lovely ladies through Chictopia and Weardrobe.  Click on any of their pictures to see more of their individual styles.  

If you would like to be featured on a Weekly Favorites post, please join Weardrobe! It is a smaller online fashion community so there is a much greater chance that I will see your photos there.  You can also submit or send a link to  I am much more likely to select photos that are high quality, well lit, and show head to toe. I also take suggestions for what trends, colors, or themes you would like me to feature.  I hope you liked this week's favorites! 

Loise's New Necklace

Here's Louise looking lovely in the necklace that she won through my giveaway.  I love that she incorporated it into an Audrey Hepburn inspired look.  Genius styling Louise, genius. You can see more of Louise and her personal style on her beautiful blog, Fifth Sparrow.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Golden Girl

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day.  The best part of my day was spent with my family eating sweet potato fries at our favorite brewpub and playing Settlers of Catan.  Appropriately, my mom won.  The other part of my day was spent at work.  I'm applying for a Sales Lead position there, so today, without any warning, I was appointed "manager on duty".  Things went pretty smoothly and our numbers improved as the day went on so I think I did OK, but it was still a little nerve-racking.

Dress: Anthropologie, $20 // Belt: Anthropologie, $5 // Bag: grandma's 
Shoes: Thrifted, $6 // Necklace: thrifted, $3

Giveaway Winner!

The winner of my python clutch giveaway is J of Writing for Keeps!  

How perfect it is that the clutch is just the right size for a paperback book...but not three. 

Congrats J!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lily Says My Blog Is Lovely

Lily of Lillies and Lace gave me the One Lovely Blog Award!  Thanks Lily!  I have no idea who started this chain award, and few people probably do, but that makes it no less of an honor, especially when coming from someone so lovely!  Here are...

The Rules:
1. link back to the person who passed you the award
2. share seven random things about yourself
3. award 15 blogs
4. drop them a note and tell them about it

7 Random Things About Me:

1.  I completed my first school science project when I was in Kindergarten.  It was called, "What Food Do Hamsters Like Best?"  There was one test subject: my hamster named Brownie.  My mom and I would lay out an assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables and see which one he ate first. I Hypothesized that he would prefer brocolli but it turned out that he liked apples best.  I think that was the last and only science project I ever enjoyed doing.    

2.  Just like when I was a kid, I still don't like bathing or showering, but I have compassion for my fellow man so I do it anyway.     

3.  When it comes to food, I'm a creature of habit.  I like to be familiar with what I put in my mouth.  Maybe I'm boring, but I love a good peanut-butter sandwich. Crunchy please.  

4.  A little white dog followed me home today.  Anybody missing one?

5.  A lot of things don't gross me out.  I owe this to the fact that my mom is a doctor, and we've always had a lot of pets.  But don't ask me to eat anything slimy.  See #3.

6.  My mom always taught me that spiders are good because they eat other bugs, so I've always liked them.  I really don't understand girls who are afraid of bugs. 

7.  I'm a part-time vegetarian.  I don't have a problem with the concept of eating meat (other carnivores and omnivores do it).  I just have a problem with the way most meat is manufactured and I think meat in general is gross.  I'll occasionally eat organic sausage or hamburger to make my parents happy, but if it still looks like muscle tissue I'm not really interested.

I just realized that almost all of my random things are about eating or bodily functions. Weird.

The Blogs I'm passing This On To:

Fountain of Blues

This tile print belt combined with my aqua dress has me thinking of fountains and swimming pools...

I've recently turned back to one of my favorite blogs, The Clothes Horse, for inspiration.  I love how she layers collared shirts under dresses with high necklines, so that's where I started with this outfit.  To avoid looking like a schoolgirl, I added some fun and funky accessories.  My new favorite color is lime green.  Actually, that was my old favorite color when I was in 6th grade, but it hasn't made a comeback in a while.  Back then I really wanted my first car to be a lime green VW Beatle.  Those '99 Beatles don't look so pretty anymore, but I wouldn't say no if someone gave one to me.

Enter my giveaway here and I just might give something to you! How can you say no?

Dress, Shirt, Blazer, and Belt: Thrifted / / Cardigan: Loft 
Necklace: Anthropologie, $12 // Shoes: UO, $20

Monday, May 2, 2011


Today's outfit, as with most outfits involving pants, would probably look a lot better with some heels, but that wouldn't be practical for a seven hour work day spent entirely on my feet.  This outfit combines some of my most favorite pieces in my wardrobe.  This trench is not too heavy and just perfect for a brisk Spring day while my cozy sweater vest adds some warmth without looking preppy and a pair of jeggings is the more comfortable alternative to skinny jeans.  (They're a prize winning invention if I do say so).  I just add whatever shirt suits my fancy that day, some comfy flats and a statement necklace, and I'm pulled together just enough for another grueling day unpacking boxes in the stock-room.  It's a glamorous life, I know.  

P.S. Don't forget to enter my python clutch giveaway here!

Trench: Thrifted, $7 // Vest: Buffalo Exchange // Shirt: Loft 
Jeggings: Loft // Shoes: Rocket Dogs via Famous Footwear, $15
Necklace: random shop in Athens, Greece // Earrings: Self-made