Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Weekly Favorites: Boyfriend Shirts


If I had a boyfriend, I just might raid his closet to find the treasured "boyfriend" shirt.  I love how an oversized oxford shirt can look effortless yet pulled together.  It's versatile enough to be paired with just about anything, but I especially enjoy how crisp it looks with a tailored short or trouser.  You can keep the accessories simple, or try a vibrant shoe or statement necklace.  It's hard to go wrong when starting with the beautiful blank canvas of a "boyfriend" shirt.

As usual, I found all these lovely ladies through Chictopia and Weardrobe.  Click on any of their pictures to see more of their individual styles.  

If you would like to be featured on a Weekly Favorites post, please join Weardrobe! It is a smaller online fashion community so there is a much greater chance that I will see your photos there.  You can also submit or send a link to molly.lolly.o@gmail.com.  I am much more likely to select photos that are high quality, well lit, and show head to toe. I also take suggestions for what trends, colors, or themes you would like me to feature.  I hope you liked this week's favorites! 


Lippylash said...

I need some of these!!

asiamorela said...


My boyfriend doesn't really wear shirts, though. :)

Meda said...

Hey girl,

Of course I don't mind! Thank you so much for featuring me!


Frances said...

Looking for a boyfriend shirt in your man's closet might be hard at first but when you get that piece and accessorize, you'll surely be donning a fashionable top.