Monday, April 18, 2011

A Long and Awkward Story

I have a rather long story for you all today.  So, I don't usually drink caffeine, but today I woke up especially tired after a late night at the store painting the walls behind the display windows neon yellow.  I decided to have a cup of tea and it gave me a buzz which put me in a really good mood.  All day I was unusually energetic and eager to help several painfully indecisive people find exactly what they didn't know they wanted.  

Right before we were about to close a middle aged man came into the store looking for an Easter dress for his significant-other.  He had very specific requirements which basically eliminated all but one orange wrap-dress (which I love, by the way).  He liked it a lot too, but wasn't sure it would be conservative enough.  I tried to convince him it would be fine with a camisole underneath and could be dressed up with a necklace, but he was hesitant because he was having a hard time picturing the outfit on her.  He described her to be about my size, so I offered to try it on to show him what it would look like.  

I came out of the fitting room and he said, "I wish she was here to see what it looks like on you."  I was overly enthusiastic about the dress and wasn't thinking clearly when I overlooked the awkwardness of his statement and told him he could take a picture if he had a camera-phone.  I don't mind being photographed (otherwise how would I write this blog?) but sometimes I get so excited about the clothes, I forget that it's my body in the clothes that people are looking at.  He didn't have a camera-phone but said he had a camera back in his car that he wanted to go get.  Knowing we had to close, I told him we would just hold the dress for a couple days and he could bring his girlfriend into the store to see it.

A few minutes and a few coworker's comments later I realized just how awkward this situation had been.  They said he had been staring at me in that dress and they were ready to take action in case things got worse.  This doesn't even bother me as much as the fact that his girlfriend might be my mom's age and showing her a picture of me in the dress would be unfair.  The dress may have looked amazing on her, but I imagine no woman wants to be compared to a woman half her age, no matter how beautiful she may be.  I was trying so hard to be friendly and helpful that I was coming very close to being unprofessional and disrespectful.  I felt very stupid afterwards and wondered what was in my morning cup of tea.  Luckily God and my coworkers were looking for me.

Shirt: I Heart Ronson via Buffalo Exchange, $12 // Dress worn as skirt: Thrifted, $5
Necklace: Loft, $15 // Belt: Thrifted, $2 // Bag:, $32

Shoes: iPANEMA by Gisele Bundchen bought in Greece, $25 
(These shoes are very comfortable, durable, and stylish. I've had mine for four years and they still look awesome, but my feet don't so I'll take a picture on another, more pedicured day) 


thechyrelgomez said...

oh my gosh! that sounded really scary. good thing you have good co-workers who looked after you. i feel terrible. please be safe. :)

Monique said...

Wow what a crazy day at the store. You are so friendly it's important to be a bit weery of older men and their intentions. A little bit of a barrier is good because you never know. I really think you used good judgement in having him come back with his girlfriend/wife

TrophyBoutique said...

Ah the joys of never know what kind of crazy will walk into your life, huh? That's the fun of it, and the weirdness of it.

Incidentally, I LOVE THIS BLOUSE.

Carmen Corea said...

Poor thing! That must have been so awkward for you afterwards when you examined the situation from a critical perspective. But, I'm glad you did and realized everything. Don't let this cloud your day, it can happen to anyone and you weren't trying to be disrespectful on purpose. That man was rather inappropriate to begin with, too. He shouldn't be asking to photography you anyway. That's not part of your job description!

Thanks for sharing the story though! I love your outfit in this, too!

Carmen Corea said...

photograph* sorry lol

rebecca said...

Um creepy! In other news, I'm obsessed with your top! It's fabulous.


two birds said...

wow! what a story. you were trying so hard to be nice, it's hard to blame you! he was rather inappropriate and i'm glad he ended up not getting a picture of you!

Ruby Girl said...

your necklace is amazing! love it. <3