Saturday, April 9, 2011

Aligning the Elements

For the past week or so all the elements required for blogging just haven't been coming together.  I keep urnning out of either sunlight or energy, or the weather is horrible.  It's been really windy and gloomy lately, which I suppose is normal for this time of year.  So after work I took a nap, hoping that conditions would have changed by the time I woke up.  (The weather can change very fast around here.)  But I slept a little too long.  So then I tried to get enough lamps together for some decent lighting, but most of my pictures are out of focus, and this skirt should really be worn with a blet.  Oh well. I think I'll just move on.

Note to self: Lighting from below gives me crazy eyes.

Shirt: gift // Hat: made by mom // Skirt: Old Navy, Thrifted 
Bracelets: Gifts // Shoes: Anne Klein, Thrifted, $6 


stylishyear said...

I give you an A+ for giving it a go :) I struggle with indoor photos as well!

abigail said...

I love that skirt! Oh and I know how indoor pictures can be. The winters are very cold where I live so I had to take pictures indoor all winter long, and even now, in the spring, sometimes. I think you did a fabulous job, and I love those solid colors!

Una said...

like your green skirt ! your photos are beautiful

EvA said...

Love your skirt and hat! Great colors!!

Jessica Marie said...

I love that bright colored skirt! It really pops!

Stop by and say hello sometime. :)

Jessica Marie

thechyrelgomez said...

i adore the skirt and hat! :)

it's been pretty sunny where i am. no, it's extremely sunny.