Thursday, February 17, 2011

Down The Rabbit Hole

What's wrong with this picture? There's a street light in the background! This park by my house is like a little patch of nature within the concrete jungle, but I have to be very careful to not let pieces of civilization slip into my pictures here.  I could have cropped that pole out, but I actually like it there.  I think it's because today's outfit feels a little silly.  The bow-tie collar of my shirt combined with my purple popcorn-knit sweater made me feel a bit like the Mad Hatter, so I went with it and added the clock necklace, you know, like the White Rabbit?  (If only I had a top hat.)  To go along with the Alice in Wonderland theme, it seemed appropriate to have something in the picture that looked like it wasn't supposed to be there, so that's where the street light comes in.    

I just realized that this clock necklace doesn't work anymore, so that's not the actual time at which these pictures were taken.  I'm going to go to sears today to see if I can get it fixed.

Shirt and Pants: Anthropologie // Sweater: Moda International, gift
Necklace: UO, $10 // Gloves: Wal-Mart


thechyrelgomez said...

love the bow detail. i never could have noticed the street light if you didn't mention it.

TrophyBoutique said...

I love the colors here. And the grass.