Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leopard At Last

These leopard print flats that I ordered from Target arrived last night and I knew I wanted to wear them today. They're the first addition to what I'm sure will become an expansive leopard print collection. Beyond the shoes I'm not sure everything else in this outfit came together successfully. I am presently in my pajamas, and looking back at these photos I feel a bit like a clown with the combination of the polka dots and Where's Waldo stripes. Oh well, I'm not afraid to hit-and-miss. I hardly ever wear this sweater and I felt like I had to at least once before Valentine's day. Notice all its little heart details.

Now this is my kind of handbag. It's Fossil and real leather and I scored it for $13 at a thrift store. Someone obviously didn't recognize how valuable it was. It's currently holding an umbrella, a water bottle, a spare pair of flats, a small makeup bag, a cell phone, my giant wallet, and other odds and ends. Remember this handbag that I bought but found out it's too small? Well it's just the right size for my mom so she bought it off me, which saves me from the guilt that I get whenever I return something. One of the downsides of working in retail is that I now over-empathize with the plights of other salespeople.

Shirt: JCPenney, $5 // Sweater: Thrifted // Pants: Thrifted
Shoes: Target, $13 // Belt: mom's // Necklace: UO, $10