Friday, February 4, 2011

State of Emergency

Last night I had a dream that JCPenney was closing. They were having an amazing going-out-of-business sale and it made me so sad. I love Penney's and their $10 off coupons that they send to me in the mail. So this morning I had an urge to go shopping before I even woke up. I had planned my trip all out while I was half-asleep. But once I was out of bed I looked at the newspaper and what I saw on the front page made me reconsider.

Last night two New Mexico towns held the nation's lowest temperature of -36 degrees, and a shortage of natural gas has left 32,000 New Mexico homes without heating. The state has never experienced a situation like this before so it is uncertain when heating services will be restored. The governor declared a state of emergency and sent all unessential state workers home. Public schools and universities have been closed most of the week, but many shopping malls are still functioning normally. I find it unethical that businesses are using natural gas to keep their shops at a comfortable 70+ degrees, while people are lowering their home thermostats and thousands of homes are left without any heating at all. So I decided to boycott shopping for the day. This boycott lasted about 2 hours because I was called into a shopping mall. On a friday afternoon with all the kids out of school, business was booming. I guess few people had the same idea I did.

On a lighter note, check out my new purse I ordered from Aldo a few weeks ago. I really like the quality and design, but it's a bit too small for me, so I may be returning it.

Parka: Ross // Vest: JCPenney, $10 // Dress: Francesca's Collections, $38
Shorts: Old Navy // Tights: Forever 21 // Socks: Gift // Boots: Gift
Hat: Goodwill, $3 // Mittens: UO, $5 // Bag: Aldo, $25


Feathers said...

What a funny dream! I love Penny's, too. I once got a white t-shirt there for 97 cents, and I've gotten some really good tights there as well.

I hadn't heard about the heating shortage. It's so strange and sad that so much is being wasted in malls that are probably not that busy. Though if I lived closeby, I would probably head straight for the heated mall and hang out. I guess that's the reasoning behind keeping them heated. A terrible reason, for sure, but likely profitable.

On a lighter note, I love your hat! It must come in handy during the cold weather.


monster cakes said...

Cute cute outfit! And that is such a sad story. Thank you for sharing that, actually, because I probably wouldn't have known if I hadn't read this. I'll definitely be keeping those families in my prayers and thoughts.