Monday, February 7, 2011

Reincarnation of the Purple Pants: Part 2

No, I did not wear the same purple pants two days in a row, although I wouldn't put it past me. I like to reduce laundry as much as the next person. This is actually just later the same day.

I was supposed to go into work at one, but I got a call that the shipment wasn't very big and was told not to come in until five. So I had four extra hours to browse the interwebs and eat homemade posole. All this strenuous activity required my new favorite coziest sweater. It's XL, can you tell? It was the last one and it was on sale. Maybe it gives me man shoulders and isn't very flattering, but it's a gorgeous oatmeal color and super soft wool and I could shrink it in the wash if I wanted to. And maybe I should only wear it with skinny jeans and ditch the belt idea.

At first this look appears fairly simple, but there are many lovely details, like the lace undershirt and the diagonal stitching of the sweater. Oh, and notice my new earrings?

Today I finally built up the courage to go to a public park and set up my tripod and take pictures of myself. I was getting a little tired of the scenery in my backyard, were you? It's a fairly secluded park near my neighborhood, and the whole 15 minutes I was there I only saw two people just as I was leaving. They didn't even ask awkward questions, how nice!

Sweater: LOFT, $18 // Shirt: UO, $10
Pants and Belt: Thrifted // Earrings: LOFT

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