Monday, February 7, 2011

Reincarnation of the Purple Pants: Part 1

Most mornings an idea of what I want to wear pops into my head with little, but today was one of those days when no epiphany was coming to me. All I could think about was my new favorite blog of the moment, The Aud Punk, and how I would love to adopt Kaitlyn's "grunge" style, but that might not go over too well at work, where the style is much more clean-cut. Feeling a little rebellious, I decided to pull out these purple pants from the recesses of my closet. I've had them for years but I've only worn them a few times because I find them difficult to style. I'm basically limited to pairing neutral pieces with these pants, and I wanted to offset the girly color with some tougher pieces. So a little bit of a punk vibe did come across with the combination of the leather, black lace, and chain and cross earrings.

Jacket: Ross, $25 // Shirt and Earrings: UO, $10 each
Pants and Shoes: Thrifted // Headband: UO, $5

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