Thursday, February 24, 2011

Curly Sue

Hello strangers.  Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I've been working a lot...almost full time.  It probably feels like more hours than it is because I'm on my feet the whole time.  On Monday I worked eight ours and closed the store, and and then I opened at 8:00am and worked another eight hours.  I soaked my feet for a  long time after that, but then I had the energy to put my hair up in curlers.  I guess I like my job because it's tiring and energizing at the same time.

I thought that these curls would relax after a few hours and look like this, but they didn't.  I looked so much like Shirley Temple I couldn't take myself seriously, so I eventually put my hair half-up in a clip for a more sophisticated look before going to work.  All my coworkers loved it, and Steph said I looked like a porcelain doll (which I'm not sure I like).  I felt kind of silly and it took a while for me to get used to seeing myself with hair this curly (there are a lot of mirrors at work).   

There's a button missing on this coat and I'm either too lazy, or I keep forgetting, to sew it back on.  So my hand is covering up that spot, and wow, it's freakishly white compared to my face.  I need to get out more. 

I just bought these amazing oxfords at Kohl's for $11 and they are really comfortable.  I think I've found a new favorite store.  I know some of you might find this photo disgusting, but I think it's pretty.  Just think of it as nature's Jackson Pollock.  And if you're wondering, I took off the green silk skirt I was wearing because it wrinkles really easily and I wanted it to look nice for work.  Above, a bit of pink tulle skirt I was wearing underneath the green skirt is showing.  You can get it for $12 now at, but I happily paid full price.   I really like that the elastic waist allows you to wear it high or low on your waist.  Speaking of Target, Elizabeth is having an amazing target giftcard giveaway on her blog, but it's only open for a few more hours, so get there quick!

Coat and Skirt: Anthropologie // Underskirt: Target, $17 
Socks: UO, $5 // Shoes: "So" brand via Kohl's, $11


Monica said...

I love this look, its so refined and romantic. It makes me think of Jane Eyre! Wonderful, thanks for the weardrobe comments lady. xoxo

Brenna said...

Hey lovely local!!! (Um, I LOVE alliteration too!!)
Wow I am so glad I found you and your blog! I really, really like it. For reals. :0 )

My boyfriend lives in the same city that youuu do! I am going down there tomorrow as a matter of fact. Small world, eh?

Well little lady I am following your gem of a blog now! If you want to check mine out, see if you like it, you can find it at

Yay! :0 )

Stevia said...

i love your curl!
it's so whimsical like..
and your oxford!


Nana said...

I love your hair! so cute!!! :)

Alien said...

I love your coat SO much, those buttons!! <3