Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Strawberry Lipstick

Monday was so busy I hardly had time to think about what I was wearing, let alone take pictures, but seeing as none of these clothes had made it off of my bedroom floor and into the hamper, I decided to recreate the outfit for you. I liked the mixture of all the lipstick shades, and how they also remind me of the bag of strawberry fruit snacks I just ate.

So on Monday, my sister and I planned to walk the dog and then go to Buffalo Exchange, and I had to go to work after. I wanted to wear something that would be practical for all these activities, so I started with the jeans, grabbed my favorite comfy flats, and threw on the shirt, sweater and jacket because they were readily available, no digging required. The scarf was an afterthought because I needed something to make me look pulled together for work and then we were out the door.

Shirt: Thrifted // Cardigan, Jeans, Scarf: Ann Taylor Loft // Jacket: Zara, gift
Shoes: Rockedog via Famous Footwear, $15 // Gloves: Walmart

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