Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pink and Orange and All the In Betweens

Today's outfit was inspired by this blog post by Elaine of "I'm Clothed Much". I had only a few minutes to snap some quick photos before work. It was unintentional, but our pictures are surprisingly similar with the lighting and hand gestures. funny, eh?

I discovered Elaine through her Weardrobe profile, but she can also be found on Chictopia. I love how her wardrobe is fairly modest in size but she finds new and creative ways to wear the same classic pieces. I especially like her bold combination of orange and pink in the photo above. It makes me wish I had bought that necklace when I saw it a JCPenney, but that would defeat the point of a modest wardrobe, which I have already failed at.

In spite of owning more clothing than I can wear, I find myself turning to my same favorite pieces, like this "polka dot" skirt. The dots are actually little crowns, as you can see. My co-worker called me a princess because of this, haha. Maybe I should hide this skirt for a while so I don't continue to wear it every week.

Top and Tights: Walmart // Cardigan: Anthropologie // Skirt: UO, $20
Necklace: Loft // Belt: Ross, $5 // Shoes: Vintage, $4


Rebecca said...

I really like the monochramatic colors on top, gives it a very polished and cute look!

Mara said...

The skirt is cute! I love that it's actually crowns instead of polkadots.