Monday, January 17, 2011

Falling Restless

It's been sort of a strange 24 hours. Last night at the store (that I work at) we spent 5 hours painting the walls behind the display windows a coral color. The walls are very high, so this involved lots of climbing up and down ladders. When I finally got to bed sometime after 11 and closed my eyes and fell into that semi-dream state before you're actually asleep, I felt like I was still on a ladder, and suddenly I jolted awake because I imagined I was falling off of it.

I was a little restless after that, and didn't fall asleep until 5 am. After I had finally woken up around noon I spent several hours online shopping (so much for my resolution to not spend money for the rest of the month) and then it was already time to get ready for work. I wasn't really into it, so I just threw together the first quirky little outfit I could come up with and I'm surprisingly satisfied with it. After I quickly snapped these photos, the only adjustment I made was putting on makeup and adding a little black and white leopard print head wrap. However, I do find these shorts a little problematic. Maybe I should try sewing the pleats shut so they don't puff out in that unflattering way. any suggestions?

These leggings are actually silver and the shoes are golden, but you can't really tell in these photos. The foreshortening in was really exaggerated in these photos, making my elbows look huge, thats why I cropped them all out. I probably just need to set my camera up farther away and not rely on the zoom-out lens.

Shirt: Loft, $8 // Shorts: UO, $20 // Leggings: Thrifted
Shoes: Rocketdogs via Famous Footwear, $15

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TrophyBoutique said...

Not too shabby after a night of insomnia!