Saturday, December 18, 2010

Scarf Saturday

Every Saturday of the holiday season has a theme at my work. When I found out today was "Scarf Saturday" my response was, "how many scarves can I wear at once?" at which point I was limited to 2. (I had wanted to make a whole scarf outfit, inspired by the Glamourai's scarf dress, but I remembered that I must not look too insane while trying to give people fashion advice.) Even though I couldn't wear all of them, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to create a colorful backdrop out of my scarf collection. As you can see, Jemima was not satisfied with my choice of layout so she made her own adjustments...

I present to you the artist and her masterpiece:

So then I decided to hang them all on the clothesline.
Guess where I am in this picture:

I imagined I could create some elegant action shots sort like this:

But I ended up with this:

And this:

And I'd call this one "As Good As It Gets".

Shirt: Loft // Scarf: Loft // Cardigan: Anthropologie
Shorts: UO, $30 // Tights: JCPenny, $2 w/ coupon // Shoes: Target, $4

*edit 12/20
I just rediscovered this photo of Katy from Kansas Couture and realized it must have influenced my outfit: I'm not usually a fan of mixing red and pink unless it's Valentine's Day, but there's something fun and quirky about how Katy does it here.

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