Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm Graduated!

Here I am standing for departmental honors

As I was getting ready this morning I was singing in my head, "Happy graduation to me..." to the tune of the birthday song. For the College of Fine Arts graduation commencement we weren't required to wear a cap and gown, so I thought I'd save myself the money and buy clothes I could wear more than once. For months I had planned on wearing all red, much like I did here. I was all ready to go, but at the last second I decided I wanted to contrast with the gown-ees around me and switched to my green dress. It needed to be ironed, but I didn't care. I was too lazy to take off my red tights, so to play down the elf-factor, I threw on some boots. The whole look was a little too casual for the occasion, but in the fashion void that is my hometown, no one really cares, and I was feeling rebellious. There were red poinsettia's decorating the stage, and combined with the grey carpet, my outfit matched perfectly. I would have taken pictures but we were led out of the auditorium and with the crowd in the lobby there was no getting back in.

Several times during the commencement I accidentally stepped on the train of Nathalie's black dress (that she made for one of our art classes). I felt so bad, but luckily it didn't rip. I also didn't realize I was supposed to shake hands with all the professors (that I didn't know) on stage until it was too late. At least I wasn't the only one. The whole thing was a little awkward, but on the bright side, there were cookies and a very nice brass quintet performance.

Dress: Anthropologie, gift // Tights: JCPenny, $2 w/ coupon // Boots: Old Navy, $12 // Belt: Thrifted

Photos taken by my dad


Valency said...

YEAY MOLLY!! Give me a year and I'll be there, too - I cannot WAIT to graduate! Nathalie was in my Painting III class this semester & I loved her work... I just love my UNM art peeps... :)

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Lopez said...

Congratulations, Molly! I did the same thing at graduation. I had gone through the trouble of buying a nice suit and felt like I wanted to show it off, instead of making myself really hot with that gown (it was in summertime). How awesome for us!