Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Say Sock It

Our refrigerator broke a couple days ago, and it can't be repaired util after Christmas, so we're storing most of our food in coolers on the back porch. It's just in time for our Christmas Eve party, no? Luckily it's cold outside and we have another mini fridge and wonderful neighbors willing to share their fridge with us. It's going to cost about $500 to repair and my mom has been stressing about it. I told her, "It's just food and money, both of which are expendable and renewable. No one has died."

Speaking of luck (hardy har), today's outfit turned out to be a cross between this outfit from the April 2009 issue of Lucky Magazine and Minnie Mouse. I must say Minnie was rather hip for a cartoon rodent. Surprisingly, I only have footless plain black tights, so the socks were sort of necessary, though maybe a little overboard...To sock or not to sock? I say why not?

You can see Diane Kruger wearing this blue Splendid top and Charlotte Ronson skirt on pg. 54 of the Dec. 2010 issue of Lucky (which is where if found it). Unfortunately, I couldn't find any pictures online and I don't have a scanner. Maybe I should have put that on my X-mas list.

Shirt: Anthropologie, $15 // Skort: UO, $20 // Sweater: Express, Thrifted, $3
Footless Tights: Charlotte Russe, $5 ? // Socks: Dillard's, gift // Shoes: JCPenny, gift

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Aileen said...

Love! So innovative and brave. I wish I had the guts to pull of multiple patterns!