Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Viva el Dia!

Image from iHanna's Blog

Hola! Today is Dia de los Muertos. It's the Mexican version of All Soul's Day, in which communities gather together to commemorate loved ones who have died by building private shrines called "ofrendas". It's a beautiful and culturally rich holiday and if you haven't heard of it, you should really look it up. The shirt I'm wearing today reminded me of the paper cut-out flags that are often part of the ofrendas. I scored this fluorescent find last spring from a thrift store, but I've been hesitant to wear it because it's not very discreet. Today, however, was the perfect opportunity to pull it out of the closet: I had to do a group performance project for one of my art classes this morning. Since our due date fell on this special holiday, we decided to reference it by providing creative activities like decorating skull-shaped sugar cookies and making tissue paper flowers. The whole class participated and it all came together to make our own ofrenda. (Unfortunately, I was too busy to take any pictures of it. The photo above is of a different ofrenda from iHannah's Blog) Our ofrenda was less of a commemoration of lost loved ones, and more of a celebration of and creativity and diversity. Some people thought this was offensive to the holiday, but many found it appropriate, since Dia de los Muertos is so vibrant, and often feels celebratory, with family gatherings, traditional foods, and sometimes a parade!

Shirt: Gift from mom via thrift store // Cords: Hand-me-down
necklace: Self-made // Shoes: Gift from mom via JCPenny (my mom spoils me :)


luhring said...

But I still like to dress up my daughters. . . .

Molly O said...

We don't mind :)