Monday, November 8, 2010

Purple Pump Princess

haha! I like alliteration. My friend just got new shoes for her birthday. (Happy Birthday!) My mom saw the picture on Facebook and said, "Ooh, you should make a blog post", and I obey my mother...sometimes.

Pretty, huh? I would probably wear them with yellow tights or knee-high socks, 'cause I'm obsessed with complementary colors:


Amycakes said...

I am actually inclined to wear these with a lot of black and green... Lately I've been focusing on black and white outfits with one or two splashes of color.

They're really comfortable, and I recommend browsing the rest of Penny Loves Kenny's merchandise online because they have some cool looking shoes.

Molly O said...

You can't go wrong with black and white. My favorite right now is black, white, and red. Thanks for the recommendation!