Friday, November 12, 2010

LOFT Junkie

Pants: $28 (on sale) // Shirt: $37 // Necklace: $40
All from LOFT

So much for focusing on school...Today I went shopping, and I'm going to blog about it. Haha! You can't stop me!

Anyways...I bought this outfit today after work. I never used to shop there until I started working there. I always thought the clothes were too pricey, but I had now idea how good the sales are! The employee discount doesn't hurt either, but usually I'm pretty good at not buying too much stuff from work: I convince myself to wait for it to go on sale, or that it's not all that great, or that I could find something similar for a better deal somewhere else, but lately there's been some real gems in the store, and I just couldn't resist. The clothing style is really growing on me, but I also just genuinely enjoy my job. It's a really nice work environment: We have natural sunlight coming through our windows, the store is kept clean and neat, my coworkers are all wonderful, and the clients are, for the most part, really fun to work with. Today a woman who works at an Ann Taylor in Chicago came into the store and complimented us on how nice the store looks and how nice the employees are. It made me really proud to work there, so I felt a little less guilty spending half a week's pay to support this place (I only work part time, of course).

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luhring said...

So, can we see the clothes on YOU??