Friday, November 12, 2010

LOFT Junkie: Rehearsal Dinner

Dress: $130 // Earrings: $30 // Boots: $56 (on sale) // Clutch: $40 // Jacket: $128
Grand Total: $384

This New Year's Eve, one of my BFFs is getting married, and I'm a bridesmaid! I've decided to create a dream outfit for the rehearsal dinner (It's a dream, because I can't get myself to spend that much, especially when I already have a closet full of perfectly good clothes, but it's fun to pretend, right?). If you read my first and second "LOFT Junkie" posts, you already know that I am crazy about LOFT's Winter collection, so I've composed this outfit of items that can all be found on their website right now. I love the flapper girl inspired dress (I tried it on in the store, and I'm curvy, but this photo does not do it justice. It's also really cute with a belt for a more form-flattering shape), so I combined it with some other vintage inspired pieces. The military boots and coat may not be appropriate for a rehearsal dinner, but I love mixing masculine and feminine pieces, and I'll wear what I want in my dream world, gosh darn it!

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