Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'd Love You To Infinity

Nordstrom, $30 // Bloomingdale's, $200 (hahaha woops!, it's cashmere)

I'd really like to find a nice patterned and/or textural infinity scarf, but unfortunately shopping is the last thing I should be doing right now. I have a ton of school work due next week, but a girl in my class this morning was wearing a lovely black and white petite striped infinity scarf from PacSun (but it's not on their website) and I felt I must write this post. (Sadly, I start to feel withdrawal if I go more than a few days without blogging, but there are worse addictions) I used for my search and found these lovelies. Most of them are cost more than I would like to spend on a scarf, so maybe one day I'll just make my own by sewing a couple regular scarves together.

Nordstrom, $38 // Amazon, $12

ebay, $15

I'm usually not a huge fan of faux fur, but check out this beauty:
Amazon, $25


kitkatgrl16 said...

:D You liked my scarf? Thanks so much! <3

Molly O said...

you're very welcome!