Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fading Fall Tones

Last night I was too busy playing The Settlers of Catan with my mom and sister to put up this post. If you've never played that game before, you really should. It's kind of like the fun, more creative version of Monopoly, and you can actually finish a round in about an hour or two. (I won!)

So here is yesterday's outfit. I was ready to take photos outside, but winter has finally arrived and I found this antique stand in the entry hall more inspiring than my brown and scraggly back yard. (My outfit matches the dead grass.) Lately I've been really attracted to color combinations that I never would have put together in the past, like this light olive green shirt and caramel colored pants. I thought it would be fun to try a more monochromatic palette. The colors felt sort of military so I chose to wear my ball-chain necklace: it's the closest thing I have to dog-tags. I threw on the vest because I wanted to see how it worked with the shoulder embellishments on my shirt. (I didn't photograph them very well, but you can see them a little better here.) I'm a fan of belts, so there's one of those too. Looking back, I like the top half of the outfit, but I think it might look more modern with skinny jeans. Well, trial and error, I always (sometimes) say. I'm not afraid to look like I came out of the wrong decade every once in a while for the sake of experimentation.

Also featured in this post is a lovely painting by family friend, Ralph Whiteaker, and my mom's lizard collection (which sometimes includes geckos, frogs, toads, alligators, crocodiles, dinosaurs, and other lizard-like creatures).

Shirt: Loft, $10 (on sale) // Vest: Old Navy, $7 // Cardigan and Belt: Anthropologie
Pants: Thrifted // Shoes: Steve Madden via Famous Footwear, $30
Bracelet and Earrings: Sears, gifts from mom // Necklace: Self-Made from old jewelry

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