Friday, November 19, 2010

Dangers of Dogs and Trees

Today's outfit was inspired by this image I found on the UO website, where you can buy this corduroy jumper for $30. I was tempted, but then realized that I already have a jumper that I got at a thrift store.

I got all dressed up to go to work this afternoon, but when I got there I found out I had been scheduled to work earlier this morning, and I had forgotten that I put my phone on silent, so I didn't get the call from work. Luckily, I'm usually a good employee, so my boss was nice about it. On the bright side, I had the afternoon free to take some pictures in ideal lighting.

If you're wondering what the title of this post is all about, this might give you a clue: I have a crab apple tree in my backyard, and all the fallen apples are rotting on the ground right now. So I had to dodge those, and lovely gifts from my dog while taking these photos.

Jacket: Alloy (5 years ago), gift // Dress: Thrifted, $7 // Shirt: Thrifted, $2
Tights: JCPenny, $14 (purchased w/ $10 off coupon) // Shoes: UO, $20

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