Sunday, November 21, 2010


The combination of my outfit, the yellow lighting, and the decor in these photos feels like an 1980's sitcom. Full House, maybe? I was too lazy to take pictures this morning, and after work it was already dark, so I was confined to the brightest room in the house: the bathroom. It's so much harder to take photos at night. You'd think I'd have learned by now.

Today's outfit started with the tights. They're a purplish grey color. I've been wanting to pair my high-waist shorts with this mauve shirt for a while, and the shorts are a little too short for me to wear without tights, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring all three pieces together. I usually try a few different accessories before I settle on ones that I like, but these came together quickly and naturally. I think the simple, solid color pieces of the outfit allow the necklace and earrings work together in ways that they may not otherwise.

Camisole: Loft via thrift store // Shirt: Charlotte Russe, $5 // Shorts: Urban Outfitters, $30
Tights: Loft, $14.50 // Shoes: Decree via JCPenny // Necklace: Loft, $5 // Earrings: Sears, gift

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