Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lemon Night

It has been another crazy busy week. Yesterday I went from work in the morning directly to school, and by the time I was done with class my parking ticket would have cost $15. So I decided to stay on campus a few extra hours until the parking garage closed and I could get out for free. I'd much rather spend that money on clothes! The time was well spent and I managed to find a fairly secluded spot in which I took these pics with my* mini tripod that I carry around in my backpack. This outfit wasn't inspired by anything specific, but it feels like a cross between the 80's (skinny jeans, bold neon pattern, over-sized tee) and the 70's (beaded jewelry, long belted vest). I like how these photos are kind of moody and I match the walls.

*edit 10/26/20 - It's actually my mom's tripod that I commandeered.

Tunic: Old Navy via thrift store, $2 // Vest: Ross, $5 // Sweater: thrifted
Jeggings: Anthropologie, $20 // Socks: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: JCPenny
Watch: Francesca's Collections // Bracelets: gifts // Necklace: mom's


luhring said...

Like the way the walls and windows match the shirt colors. Who's tripod?

Molly O said...

uh...your tripod.