Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ginger Returns

I've been trying not to re-use any influences, but who can resist this photo of Ginger Rogers? Her wardrobe is as charming as her name. My very first post was also on her.

I just bought this lace peasant top at Marshall's for $15 and I thought it would be great for this reproduction, but the sleeves aren't as puffy as I thought they were. It seems like everything has to be exaggerated in film: clothes, hair, makeup, lighting, poses, facial expressions...and the list probably goes on. It seems I'm finally getting used to it. I still feel silly taking photos of myself posing, but there are benefits, like this photo, which felt very 1930's-esque:

Just being silly:

Sweater: Found // Blouse: Marshall's, $15 // Skirt: Buffalo Exchange // Shoes: JCPenny