Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lazy Lace

I can't figure out why some of my pictures will enlarge if you click on them, but others won't. Does anyone know why that is? They're all shot with the same camera, and saved in the same format and resolution. Should I start posting my photos larger so you don't have to click on them?

Edit 10/29: I realized that if I rearrange my photographs after I upload them they won't enlarge. Now I upload all my images in reverse order and then add the text, being careful not to change the order of any of the images.

Anyways... Here is my interpretation of a photo of Myrna Loy from "Song of the Thin Man". This movie was made in 1947, but Myrna was a starlet of the 1930's, and her acting career lasted almost 40 years. She was in 130 films and 8 television series.
I bought this brown lace shawl from a thrift store, thinking I would cut it up and use it to embellish some other piece of clothing, but now I'm so glad I never got around to it. See, procrastination is good for something!

Cardigan: Talbots via thrift store, $7 // Shawl: Thrifted, $.75 // Skirt: TJMaxx, $16
Shoes: Sketchers via Famous Footwear, $30 // Earrings: Gift

Something about this outfit made me feel like curtsying...Maybe it was in preparation for the next shoot I was going to do...

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